Monday, August 8, 2011

Poetry in Moments of Despair

I used to write poetry all the time....when I was sad.  Nothing comes to me anymore.  Not in poetry form anyways.  And my poems have to verse just doesn't seem like poetry to me.  Poetry has a rhythm to it.  If not it is just a story.  Here are some of my favorites:

This wasn't written for my recent was for the one before...sad how it fit the second one as least I am consistent in my bad choices

After the talk
Who am i
Am i quiet and shy
He wants to know
Maybe high or low

The little brother they all wish they had
Not quite happy, not quite sad
Or the sexy and cute boy
Pain mingled in with the joy

Not really knowing what he wants to be
Out in the distance there is she
Him filling the void with one night stands
Her offering her heart, putting out her hands

She wants to make it all right
They go through one more lonely night
He won't admit there is anything wrong
This has been going on for so long

She wants this to be so badly
To love him truly, deeply, madly
He hopes his silence is getting through
He knows what he must do

Her hope keeps her sad
Her dreams are destined to be bad
He wants to love anyone but she
He just wants to be

Is there anyway to work this out
Dispel all the fear and doubt
Can she care less, him a little more
Decide for once to open or shut the door

Insanity was my friend for awhile.  Sometimes it is hard to remember how dark I got. Sometimes it is good to remember so that I don't ever go there again

The struggle

Lost little girl with the pretty eyes
With the sound of silence she cries
Struggling once again with the fight
“Why can’t this ever be right?”

Trying so hard with happiness inked on her back
But still soon the demons come to attack
Calling her “the bitch” and “the cunt”
The spider of death they place on her front

Fighting hard against the dark power
Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour
Angels of light trying in vain
Is there any hope in her staying sane?

This one is my favorite.  Not sure why but it is...Eventually I helped myself...that was the lesson learned.  No one else can save you.


The attack is coming fast
So much more than in the past
Darkness descending down on me
Black and gray is all I see
Reaching out for a hand
So tired I can no longer stand
The one I want most to help does not care
Knowing this is too much to bear
Can’t you pretend for just a little longer
Stay with me until I am a stronger
Help dry the tears that I shed
Provide the strength to get me out of bed
Talk me down from the ledge
Push me back from the edge
Keep all the monsters away
If not there is nothing left for me to say

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