Monday, February 27, 2012


No time or energy for a full fledged blog so this will have to do for now…snippets of thoughts in my head that deserves to be fully developed at some point soon.

What is the distinguishing characteristic that makes the difference between those that give into the darkness and those that may visit and wallow but always find their way back to the light? Is it chemical? Environmental? And if we could figure it out can we fix it?

At what point do I admit that maybe in that speech “it isn’t you it’s me” that maybe it really is me?

Why is it when faced with making a household purchase I panic and am totally rendered incapable of making a decision….a recent purchase of a slipcover gave me a full fledged panic attack.  What is even more strange is that I have no one to answer too….there is no one at home that if I pick the wrong thing will yell at me…and what exactly is "the wrong thing"?

Isn’t life sometimes strange when you look at the people you have remained friends with and there are one or two on your list that make you ask yourself “how the hell did that happen?” but you are very blessed that it did.

Who would have thought years ago when I was sitting in my house looking out my window thinking life was passing me by as I was wasting time being a mom that the one thing I thought I was crappy at would be the one thing that today some 20 years later I am pretty sure is the best thing that I do.